A magnificent selection of personalized engraved Walnut Plaque is offered by Aspera Design. We made these plaques with the finest care and accuracy. It provides the ideal memories for a variety of important events. We created these custom-engraved walnut plaques to leave a lasting impact. Either you’re honoring a loved one, celebrating an anniversary, or looking for a special present for Dad.

Aspera Design Gallery recognizes the value of keeping precious memories alive. Our Custom Love Lock Memorial Board is a one-of-a-kind present for couples. This custom-engraved walnut plaque captures shared experiences & bears witness to your relationship. Either you’re celebrating an anniversary or showing your love on Valentine’s Day.

Black walnut is a natural, sustainable material that we used to make our wooden plaque. Each plaque features the wood’s fascinating color variations and is completely of dark walnut without sapwood. Compared to cherry & maple, walnut is a darker wood, so the engravings will look more subdued. However, we guarantee quality and durability due to the laser engraving method we use.

Finding the perfect approach to honor a loved one’s memory can be a source of comfort and peace after the traumatic sorrow of losing a loved one. The Memorial Gift for Loss collection from Aspera Design provides a sentimental as well as unique way to honor your cherished family members.

Personalized Gifts Always Feel Different

Our specially created Family Tree Memorial Gift, made of solid walnut wood, is a heartfelt remembrance.

A variety of thoughtful and personalized presents for various occasions are available in Aspera Design’s range of custom-engraved walnut plaques. Our walnut plaques provide a touch of elegance as well as originality to every occasion, from commemorating love and anniversaries to cherished memories or selecting the ideal present for Dad.

We made every plaque from eco-friendly black walnut which displays the inherent beauty and color variations of the material. Our custom-engraved walnut plaques are a memorable choice when looking for a custom wooden gift.