Compass on wood sign: Engraved gift ideas for Dad. Perfect personalized present.
Give your dad a unique and thoughtful gift with an engraved plaque with real compass
Surprise your dad with a one-of-a-kind engraved wooden sign with a compass gift that he'll cherish.


Personalized Engraved Compass Wooden Sign – At Aspera Design, we understand the importance of finding the perfect gift for your dad, something that goes beyond the ordinary and truly speaks to his heart. That’s why we present our curated selection of engraved personalized gifts, thoughtfully designed and crafted with precision.

Our engraved personalized gifts range from classic items like pens and keychains to sophisticated accessories like leather wallets and pocket watches. What sets these gifts apart is the personal touch they carry – each item can be customized with your dad’s name, a special date, or a heartfelt message, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

To enhance the gifting experience, our engraved gifts come packaged in a rustic wooden crate gift box. This box not only adds an element of surprise but also serves as a keepsake, allowing your dad to store cherished mementos or use it for decorative purposes.

What makes our collection truly special is the careful selection of items that cater to various preferences. Whether your dad appreciates classic elegance or modern practicality, you’ll find a gift that resonates with his taste and style.

Choosing a gift for your dad shouldn’t be just a formality – it should be an expression of your gratitude and love. With our engraved personalized gifts in a wooden crate gift box, you’re not just giving a present; you’re giving a piece of your heart.


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Explore our range of Engraved Wooden Sign with Compass, uniquely tailored for special occasions. Crafted with love, these keepsakes make retirement or birthday gifts truly unforgettable.

~ Custom Engraved Compass Personalization ~

In addition, enter the text that you would like to have appear on your product in the “Enter the information to be personalized on the plaque” box. We will use the font and design in the product image shown above on your custom order.

Above all, Be sure to check your spelling and punctuation, as your engraving will appear exactly as you write it out for us!

We will copy and paste the information into the design, providing exactly what you want to see on the board.

We are unable to accept returns or provide refunds due to customer error. ALL OUR PLAQUES ARE UNIQUE!

So we proudly offer a Wooden Plaque crafted from eco-friendly Black Walnut. This plaque, made entirely from Dark Walnut without any sapwood, beautifully displays the unique color variations of the wood. Unique in nature, each piece has its own pattern. Each plaque will be unique.


In conclusion, walnuts is a Darker wood. The engravings will not show as well as they do on Cherry and Maple. We use a laser engraver that burns the wood. In addition, this means on darker wood the engraving will be more subtle.